Zerobid91 Jul 01, 11:53 AM

so if you want to play runners you need to buy the ask and sell the bid, or under the bid to get out fast. and if you shortsell, you need to hit sell high, when there is resistance and buy to cover before the support comes, and that means buy to cover gets filled on the bid( you wait until you get executed), or on the aks, you get executed fast?

Zerobid91 Jul 01, 11:54 AM

in other words where does buy to cover get filled on the bid side( you wait) or the ask size(you get executed)

Lyoness Jul 02, 8:17 AM

@TraderOwl I don't have etrade. My only account is through speedtrader, because I am short biased and like their nice short locate fees. I don't know how etrade works, but with speedtrader I can set up how I want the hotkeys to work. I think I have put it at buy the ask plus one or two cents and to sell at the bid minus one or two cents.

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