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Pie Mar 21, 9:54 PM

Please note that in the system posted on chat the avg loosing trade is higher than winnings only in the short side. The short side also hasn't enough trades for me to use it.

MindfulTrades Mar 21, 10:12 PM

looking forward to the webinar tomorrow. Thank you for the great watchlists.

poketrader808 Mar 22, 4:47 AM

How come it keeps declining my card when i try to sign up?

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aidan222sharpe Mar 19, 2:38 AM

hey, new to futures here. just got the basic monthly package. Gonna get to watching all your webinars and video lessons. any tips for a beginner like me? also do you have something like Tim has with the millionaire challenge where you get all the DVD's in one big deal. Thanks again for providing all this information to!

aidan222sharpe Mar 19, 2:42 AM

I guess that would be Tri-Force training, ill be signing up soon.

TriforceTrader Mar 19, 5:42 PM

@aidan222sharpe I have something like that, it is called Triforce Training. The only DVD that is included with the Training is Trading Around Equilibrium. Make sure you also look at all the helpful links that are generally located at the start of the Daily Watch List

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