@MichaelGoode Hey Michael, I am a new Challenge student and I am on my 3rd DVD set The New Rules Of Pennystocking. It is the first time I've watched you speak.You are very good at what you do, Thank you for the knowledge. I love the comical side you have for you keep me engrossed on watching you. Great Job.

TimeFliesBuy Aug 08, 17 10:54 PM

@Chopper_Trader Michael just keeps it real, I remember watching his Youtube videos a few years back. He's the only one who will even go near the topic of taxes for example, he recommended some good books.

Chopper_Trader Aug 08, 17 11:06 PM

He's Very smart and down to earth and comical all rolled into 1.

Trill1 Aug 10, 17 6:06 PM

I enjoy your lessons also, thank you!

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