STT Breaking News is very valuable to me. While I am making pre-market trading plans based on the recent former runners, I watch STT BN alerts. Every OTC alert I pull up the ticker's 2-month chart, see its previous close, and check out the spread. If the STT BN alert has the magic words of the particular week/month, I definitely have it on watch at the open for a possible trade like Sykes does. During the day, STT BN has alerted me to at least one trade per week that fits my trading style. I pay something like $300/year for it. I had substandard trading tools my first year of trading and I lost $7.5k. If you're serious about trading, you need to have the best tools. STT BN and L2 are critical to my trading success.

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Any time you can spend following the market is valuable and with studying will set you free from that 9-5!

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mujeres4x4 Jul 21, 22 4:01 PM

i agree totally, im just trying to be able to have time for trading and its hard to juggle with my job:(

TBird_40 Aug 04, 22 1:04 PM

I agree, I work in a busy clinical / surgery center and sometimes I get to study others nope.

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I am not a good one to ask about risk as I'm currently in a 1-year experiment where I don't care about risk generally because I only trade OTC former runners as they usually run again and I'll always get out for a profit. I have 467 consecutive wins with the strategies outlined in my 10/31 & 2/27 blogposts. I also have 47 open positions! When I learned that Jack Kellogg had 60 open positions, it made me not worry. What I've learned from Sykes and other mentors over the past year, if buying a dip buy, you might commonly cut if it goes below LOD. What I've learned is that, as long as I'm buying former runners as daily Big % Gainers with Volume, if it goes lower I'll usually do another dip buy and then hold. My trading weakness isn't cutting losers... I proved I could do that quite well as I lost $15k in my first 15 months as a trader ($7.5k to start in Tim's Challenge). My weakness is greed and that's what I'm focused on until Sep... learning how to shoot winners before they fall back below me. Back to your question, another way I've learned from Sykes and the mentors to cut losses is when the price falls below a strong support price. You can always find those by looking back at the 2-mo, 3-mo, & 6-mo charts. You'll see me in Challenge Chat calling out the support prices because if I'm up 10% profit or more, that's how I decide to get out is when the support prices break... then I get out on the very next bounce.... this helps me with my greed problem.

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felix77 Jun 22, 21 2:55 AM

nice analogy for one year with Sykes, I'm around the same time as you now , but still figuring it out, good post thx

JJJackson Jul 09, 21 12:07 PM

I have no idea how I have not been following you all this time.

AllenMorelock Apr 06, 22 11:07 AM

I just came to check your trades after you told me about PUGE today, 4/6/22. I wondered how you were able to hold through a roughly 15% at one point. Interesting concept! I'm definitely going to look further into this! Thanks.

greenthumbjohnny Jul 21, 22 2:48 PM

Hi Troyman I got a work day off figured look at the market. Had not been trading in a while but my co worker got me started and looking again. Had some expensive plays not and some OTCS. Overall some wins and losses but nothing to major. Two decent wins on VAPR. Since I work 9 to 5:30 hard to trade but I do what i can. Thank you for the karma.

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RockHopperAz May 05, 22 12:43 PM

Going to add this to my analysis! I will be studying this for sure. Thank you for taking the time to share with us

JHON25 Jul 22, 22 10:06 AM

great information thanks.

CarolleP Aug 02, 22 11:55 AM

thank you for sharing pin point knowledge

ephillips5 Sep 28, 22 10:09 AM

Troy, thank you again for all your input! I really appreciate what you share in the chatroom/the strategy your are addressing. Also, I am inspired by your profit chart! If you don't mind me asking, are you a full time trader?

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Took notes on your Two Tweets with Tim last night. Still swirling down the toilet down $1,400 this morning $5,400 in 3 weeks. Very encouraged by what you said, "Learning what not to do sucks but IT HELPS YOU GET TO THE NEXT LEVEL IF YOU ARE MENTALLY PREPARED, HAVE THE RIGHT ATTITUDE, AND THE RIGHT MINDSET." I'm hanging on your every word for dear life!

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