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SebiSauce Mar 08, 17 6:13 PM

Great vid Bob -- are you looking at level 2/charts/time & sales on STT when you make your trade or the other trading platform? Thank you

Turbobob Mar 08, 17 6:25 PM

I use STT to find the trades for me, but then I switch to my trading platform (DAS Pro) to execute the trade and then watch the level 2. If it is a longer term trade (more than 37 seconds) then I go back to STT to watch the chart with EMAs and level 2.

ksmedic Mar 08, 17 8:08 PM

Great video - Can you give any advice on locating good stocks to trade to someone that right now can't afford a high monthly subscription to a service such as STT?

Turbobob Mar 08, 17 8:57 PM is very good. Even Yahoo finance. I also use the scanners that come with my trading platform at Sure Trader and Interactive Brokers

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