Received 4 Karmas
Andre01 Sep 27, 23 3:10 PM

You are giving us these reports after they run up ??? This report was not here at 8 o’clock. I was watching this!!!!

Andre01 Sep 27, 23 3:12 PM

I’m Canceling this. I had it after it runs up and all I get is advertisement for other programs.. it’s never enough !!! People get educated in trade for yourselves and quit, waiting for some drunk alcoholic to give you alerts.

Jim_Bob_buey Sep 28, 23 12:44 PM

Well, ya know: “ …NEVER follow alerts EVER from ANYONE, use alerts to learn the process and find patterns that work best FOR YOU to help speed up your learning curve. Remember, successful trading is all about optimizing your trading process over time…..”

santiago92556 Sep 28, 23 6:07 PM

If I’m a member why I keep on getting emails advertising webinars and lessons which purpose is to get new members .

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