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UlfJohnsson Aug 29, 6:15 AM

Thanks for the leasson. I like what you said about finding someone whose style of trading fits your own. I've been trying to buy breakouts as they happen and almost immidiatly get shaken out for a loss, so Ive been thinking "how can I buy in anticipation of breakouts in a intelligent way, and it seems to me like that is what you do, and thats what I want to do.

ArtOfWar Aug 31, 12:14 PM

@UlfJohnsson The best way to put it is let the stock prove itself. Too many times I use to try to buy the 9:30 spike but its senseless because its mostly algorithms and automation of trades from previous day. If the stock is going to move more it has to build a foundation to do so. If not and it still goes up those are the ones we don't want to play anyways because it can fall just as quickly as it went up.

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