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wannabestocktrader Jun 30, 17 7:15 AM

Your post made me realize I need to get back to trying new setups. I've tried a few, but not really happy with mine so far. I assume you're using a 2x2 cell layout based on the top right menu button icons. I don't use that top right gadget (I use trade and sales instead), but I like the live news being docked/linked on the left bar since it just takes up space where L2 is. I'm going to give a similar layout to this a try and see how I like it, thanks for sharing.

VanRyan Jul 05, 17 11:45 PM

@Kody It's great for charts, and super fast executions. But finding shares to short is almost impossible.

Kody Jul 06, 17 12:32 AM

@VanRyan how is the scanner? Is it pretty user friendly? I downloaded the software and it seems a bit much tbh lol! Thanks for the response

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