@MichaelGoode hey Michael do you know of any charting software that let's you look at intra day from the past?

Alex4Cash Jan 11, 18 3:27 PM

@MichaelGoode Yes it does! :) I love tradingview, amazing for drawings and fibonaci aswell

Zohib Jan 11, 18 4:58 PM

Appreciate the responce guys

WoodbTrades Jan 11, 18 11:40 PM

I like it too because you can actually do paper trades as well for free, and you can backtest strategies

mufuroo Jan 11, 18 11:47 PM

TOS allows you to go to any time frame in the past.

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Received 73 Karmas
MichaelPuett Jun 23, 12:38 PM

2019 is my year. AND I FUCKING BELIEVE IT

Jules222 Jun 25, 1:12 PM

2019 is my year.....BLESS BLESS!!!!!

JonathanIParra Aug 22, 8:36 PM

every year is my year, and sure the grinding sucks but it won't after i learn the process and right mindset to make money in the market thanks tim

Noz Aug 23, 2:53 AM

Watched, cheers Tim.

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@markcroock Just starting out as a new trader and also a new Challenge student, I look forward to leaning on you and other successful trading mentors who have been where I am now. I am grateful for this opportunity to improve my life and learn for myself how to fish instead of looking for easy "gimmies". Thanks for all of the hard work you've done and congrats on your successes.

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asfricksrs Dec 30, 17 6:49 PM

Good luck, great post and attitude. The silver can go towards the challenge, its full of content to learn from. I started with it and continue to study as a challenge student diligently. Our hard earned cash is too easy to give to others in the market.

Torkers Dec 30, 17 8:21 PM

Very Nice post! Good luck on your journey!

WoodbTrades Jan 01, 18 2:08 AM

you can do it, good luck in the new year.

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ThomasLegend Dec 30, 17 10:40 PM

@Torkers It is the ONLY strategy I use for day trading. And I do it with my phone. Usually with stocks I already know - not scanning for new ones everyday so they're not going to be as volatile as a pump and dump. But you can estimate the percentage drop intraday and set a buy near a round no. if the stock exhibits weakness daily in the morning.

ThomasLegend Dec 30, 17 10:41 PM

@MK1996 Yes - Dux has mentioned in his interview with Sykes that he has had like a 90%+ win rate with dip buys. It is a higher probability setup. I would say shorting pumps has the potential for much more profits, but dip buying is one of the best patterns for day trading long.

Torkers Dec 31, 17 4:43 AM

@thomasKlegend thats soinds just amazing. Im having a rough 1 year - i have studied alot and dedicate all of my free time to trading And IT has not been working to well. My biggest problem is not cutting losses - i hold And hope way too kong And end up with massive losses insted of small ones. 4 weeks ago i really thought i had turned it around - i was down to 1600 $ on my account And then suddenly i felt like everything clicked. I had like 30 trades in a row with profits And made 4500 $ on litt

WoodbTrades Jan 01, 18 2:39 AM

Nice to see people on here actually making some profits. Great job

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Rads73 Dec 26, 17 8:40 AM

Excellent Tim great lessons really enjoyed the webinar please post the link to the screeners in the comments Thx

RockRobster Dec 28, 17 9:35 PM

"If you're new, and you're doing more than 8 trades a week, you better check yourself before you wreck yourself!" - T. Bohen

wills Dec 30, 17 6:45 AM

Thank you Tim! It's good to hear from a part time trader! Love your enthusiasm!

ZiggysMom May 24, 18 2:31 PM

Noting that notes help stay prepared. Observe, orientate, decide, and act. Alway be in tune with the trend in the markets. Build the case and minimize bad trades. Don't bag hold, don't overstay. Plan, be patient, protect your gains.

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