@MichaelGoode hey Michael do you know of any charting software that let's you look at intra day from the past?

Alex4Cash Jan 11, 18 2:27 PM

@MichaelGoode Yes it does! :) I love tradingview, amazing for drawings and fibonaci aswell

Zohib Jan 11, 18 3:58 PM

Appreciate the responce guys

WoodbTrades Jan 11, 18 10:40 PM

I like it too because you can actually do paper trades as well for free, and you can backtest strategies

mufuroo Jan 11, 18 10:47 PM

TOS allows you to go to any time frame in the past.

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@markcroock Just starting out as a new trader and also a new Challenge student, I look forward to leaning on you and other successful trading mentors who have been where I am now. I am grateful for this opportunity to improve my life and learn for myself how to fish instead of looking for easy "gimmies". Thanks for all of the hard work you've done and congrats on your successes.

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