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Rads73 Dec 26, 17 7:40 AM

Excellent Tim great lessons really enjoyed the webinar please post the link to the screeners in the comments Thx

RockRobster Dec 28, 17 8:35 PM

"If you're new, and you're doing more than 8 trades a week, you better check yourself before you wreck yourself!" - T. Bohen

wills Dec 30, 17 5:45 AM

Thank you Tim! It's good to hear from a part time trader! Love your enthusiasm!

ZiggysMom May 24, 18 2:31 PM

Noting that notes help stay prepared. Observe, orientate, decide, and act. Alway be in tune with the trend in the markets. Build the case and minimize bad trades. Don't bag hold, don't overstay. Plan, be patient, protect your gains.

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