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ThomasLegend Dec 30, 17 10:40 PM

@Torkers It is the ONLY strategy I use for day trading. And I do it with my phone. Usually with stocks I already know - not scanning for new ones everyday so they're not going to be as volatile as a pump and dump. But you can estimate the percentage drop intraday and set a buy near a round no. if the stock exhibits weakness daily in the morning.

ThomasLegend Dec 30, 17 10:41 PM

@MK1996 Yes - Dux has mentioned in his interview with Sykes that he has had like a 90%+ win rate with dip buys. It is a higher probability setup. I would say shorting pumps has the potential for much more profits, but dip buying is one of the best patterns for day trading long.

Torkers Dec 31, 17 4:43 AM

@thomasKlegend thats soinds just amazing. Im having a rough 1 year - i have studied alot and dedicate all of my free time to trading And IT has not been working to well. My biggest problem is not cutting losses - i hold And hope way too kong And end up with massive losses insted of small ones. 4 weeks ago i really thought i had turned it around - i was down to 1600 $ on my account And then suddenly i felt like everything clicked. I had like 30 trades in a row with profits And made 4500 $ on litt

WoodbTrades Jan 01, 18 2:39 AM

Nice to see people on here actually making some profits. Great job

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