I bet I am the biggest overtrader in the freaking universe, 31 trades in a day :( That's just disappointing, be careful where your mind can take you. I have promised to my team mates that I will be reducing my trade size from now on. Please blame me for all of my trades today, will be posting them tonight. Lesson learned.

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TimeFliesBuy Jan 26, 18 10:32 AM

Then you have to grade yourself as well. Work on entries and exits

TimeFliesBuy Jan 26, 18 10:34 AM

which means you need to know the plays/patterns/framework/timeline/fundamentals and so on. Take it one play at a time, in this game you never really stop learning because theres always new sectors or bubbles.

WoodbTrades Jan 27, 18 1:08 AM

Yeah I want to do all that stuff and perhaps one day I will when I have the time to, right now I shuffle a full time job, working 60 hrs a week and learning from all the DVD's for the challenge... A little overwhelmed at the moment. But it sounds like something I should be doing if I want success.

alan316 Feb 03, 18 7:43 PM

your doing better than you did, just take the great setups. not any trade thats moving.

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