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Jonk87 Feb 25, 17 11:01 PM

@Yultrader haha one day fella last week was a bit of a bad run I'm looking forward to staying disciplined from now. Cheers for the support.

Jonk87 Feb 25, 17 11:02 PM

@dux woah Steve - wonderful to see your watching - thanks man really appreciate that! There's a few successful Tim's out there with Tim S and Tim G let's get someone successful Steve's out there too!

Jonk87 Feb 25, 17 11:03 PM

@Flockstock haha I need to make a list I stopped doing it but I should have continued! cheers for the support fella.

RGG Mar 01, 17 3:53 PM

Good job with your improvements, buddy. Look forward to the day you eventually break even and go green.

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