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richfan Mar 04, 17 1:44 PM

Your seeds of perseverance will grow and reap your fruits of success! Enjoy watching your journey. It shows that trading is not easy but your diligence and your efforts will be rewarded!

Yultrader Mar 05, 17 12:18 AM

Good to see improvements. Trading on a schedule is surely making things more complicated.

Jonk87 Mar 05, 17 11:18 AM

@Yultrader Ya still not there tho but getting closer :-) I'm also a bit all over the place only trade close but trying to alter jobs to have more full-days at market :-)

maherc12 Mar 30, 17 8:27 PM

I am reading Techniques of Tape Reading by Vadym Graifer. Finding it helpful on making the transition from a new trader trading randomly to a trader that trades with the price action of the market.

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