@thebts Hi. I have a quick question. Hopefully you don't mind answering, but what did you see in VOIL? I didn't see any news about them and they looked to be on a decline. I haven't been trading long. So, I'm sure that's my problem, but I was hoping you might share some insight.

thebts Dec 05, 14 7:07 AM

the VOIL trade was a rebound from oversold condition. Prev trade on VOIL was a short. Nevertheless heard VOIL is OTC pump and with oilprices declining it may be worth even less in a years time.

thebts Dec 05, 14 7:08 AM

the VOIL trade was a rebound trade. Prev I was short.

Zetsumei101 Dec 05, 14 7:15 AM

Oh ok. I got you. That makes sense. Looking at charts I just couldn't ever guess it would bounce like that.

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