@bank_a_tronic good for you for calling out Chicago on being a hypocrite. Couldn't have said it better myself. It royally pisses me off when he'd post affiliate links during the day of all things! Fortunately he cut that out. Im guessing he's been gagged a few times for it.

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bank_a_tronic Sep 19, 17 7:52 AM

Hey Apache. All I want is for us traders to be professional & use our skills to make $ the right way! I have to stand up for myself if anyone calls me an ass kisser for being grateful to Tim! Live & let live! Radical gratitude is the key to success. Thank you for your consistency in everything you do! Keeping the standards high! :))

hemat100 Oct 16, 17 10:55 PM

good philosophy sheeps also get slaughted!

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