$1,512 profit RVLT Long Stock

Entry comments: I bought some of this big spiker into the market close for possible spike tomorrow or even afterhours/premarket, goal is to sell in the .60s, holding support all afternoon so I think there could be some squeezing of shorts soon, worth a shot in this market environment heading into Friday which is the best day for speculative morning spikes

Exit comments: Wow, nice squeeze into the close, not gonna get greedy and don't have to risk overnight position, I'll take my $1,500 in profits, will do video lesson on this trade and my other 2 also, trading for short squeezes works well in this market filled with wayyyyy too many newbie shorts

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bertnash627 Jul 11, 4:29 PM

Awesome Tim. I will be starting my first live trading day tomorrow.

_Stitch_ Jul 11, 9:58 PM

Still giving you a congrats mate. Impressive and inspirational. Thanks for helping us become something.

BGoddard Jul 12, 11:42 AM

Fantastic, thanks Tim

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kylecw2 Jun 02, 7:44 PM

@millerruth23 I scan for OTC stocks under $10 that are up at least .01% with little too no volume requirement and from there I'll review any tickers that look familiar or ones that stand out to me to hopefully find the next pump. I also stay active in the community on twitter or here on profit.ly that usually keeps me up to date on any pumps.

millerruth23 Jun 02, 8:35 PM

@kylewc2 yes, makes perfect sense. They give you some time during the "pump" to observe them :)

JMad Jul 01, 10:23 AM

great video dude. thanks for sharing!

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