Tone Apr 06, 11:08 PM

There's a few of us around. I've been pretty much part time, so haven't really kept in touch. There's a few guys who seem to have a bit of experience. Time zone is the killer, especially if you want to do day trading on US markets. Swing trading or Futures trading offer better lifestyle choices.

adzwealth Apr 18, 3:49 PM

thanks for reaching out, what platform are you using here and what state are you trading in? i'm in WA

Tone Apr 23, 2:11 AM

Using Stocks to Trade for charting and scans. Have a few brokers where i just use their browser based platforms for executions but mainly use Interactive Brokers. Also have accounts with Schwab and Suretrader. I'm in Qld, WA is definitely a better time zone for trading US stocks.

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