@kroyrunner Hi Tim , apologies for the noob question i am currently creating spreadsheets to track data , i have watched trading tickers and used spread sheet example and found both very helpful. I have split the tickers into separate categories including : market,volume , market cap , float then split them into good , medium and bad day ones. This has however left me with over 100 spread sheets and will take over 2 years to fill each one with 100 tickers. Would you say this is to extensive or worth the time ? Thankyou for the great lessons in the chat !

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kroyrunner Apr 23, 20 10:50 PM

@mitch20 I think you're splitting your categories far too severely if it leaves you with that many sheets. What I do is I track all these things on ONE sheet per setup, and then I can sort/filter by column to see if any of the variables I'm tracking actually make the play more/less likely to succeed

black_M87 Apr 30, 20 10:00 PM

Hi Tim, your DVDs are great; thank you for explaining your ideas and thought processes in detail, I've found it really helpful in developing my own ideas and strategies. Do you still use Equityfeed (now called Scanz)? What do you use to record your trades? Will there be a sequel to Trading Tickers? Thanks.

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anatomic Dec 21, 19 11:49 PM

Usually summer is pretty slow. Sometimes December is because of the January effect. People/fund sell stocks that they've lost money on in December so they can write them off on their taxes. Then they buy them back in January which causes a lot of long and short plays.

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sailormanjac Dec 18, 19 9:14 PM

They look like a classic stairstepper pump and dump and yes their financial are horrifying. Thanks for verifying. Aloha and good trading.

anatomic Dec 22, 19 12:00 AM

If you feel you have an edge playing this low volume stuff, fine. But these setups are not scalable with real $. You would be very lucky to squeak out a $1000 win ever playing this stuff. You also leave yourself wide open to getting blown out in a black swan move. TMRC was fine, but the rest look pretty rough

PennyStock_Meg Dec 22, 19 6:35 PM

@anatomic I hear you. I've been trading coming up 3 years now. I've played penny stocks, large caps and mid cap stocks. I've leaned more toward OTC this past year, just b/c the profit potential is so much more. I generally trade between $300-$600/trade. The reason why is b/c if you are wrong, you can lose up to 50% of what you put in even with good risk management. But if you are right on the trade, your win can be between 50-400%. It's crazy

sailormanjac Dec 22, 19 7:49 PM

judging from your profit chart I would be led to believe that you definitely have some things figured out. Aloha

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