@kroyrunner what’s up Tim? Quick q. Ive been studying 3 years and 2 mnths, I’m 24, I have an edge, I’m up 20k in a paper acc. so far this year. I have a plan to save 100k by jan 2021. Should I start with 40k at this years end or wait and save the 100k or is that overkill?

kroyrunner Apr 01, 19 11:58 PM

@anatomic i think 100k is overkill, but keep in mind paper trading and real trading are veryyyy different especially emotionally, so i suggest you start EXTREMELY small when real money is on the line! the worst thing i see people do who have this much saved up is start in huge and blow it all extremely fast, a very hard amount to recover. let your early mistakes be tiny papercuts with micro-size, and only after a couple months AT LEAST of experience do you want to use your results to guide your

anatomic Apr 02, 19 7:54 AM

Thanks man. I blew up most of a 1k account when I started and then traded full time for 8 months with 10k. I lost like 200 bucks over 8 months lol I honestly should’ve traded a little bigger but I was in the tracking/refining stages then. I may try and save 50 grand and try again with a 10k acc. I just wanna have enough to cover expenses. Do you think 2 years of expenses is a solid place to try to go full time? I just want do this for a living so bad I can’t stand it hahaha

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@kroyrunner Your % edge a year and a half ago was 33%, it's now 66%. So you've been trading with about a 140% edge for the past 1 1/2 years! Your winning % has actually gone down to around 65% now so your risk/reward has to have gone from about 1:1 to nearly 3:1! Are you just using a tighter risk now, what'd you change? It's obv. working!

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Alqasem354 Mar 03, 19 12:12 AM

from college grad soon to be bartender to best penny stock trader in the world

Lakhjhajj Mar 11, 19 4:35 PM

Congratulations Tim! Well deserved new milestone

Tin2Trading Mar 19, 19 12:24 AM

hi you use stop loss?

AnneMarita Feb 02, 20 11:32 PM

In couple of short months Tim will cross the big one...$10 M and that's quite an incredible achievement. I have huge respect for someone who continues trading instead of trying to pull money out of the desperate newbies, like so many today. However, after trading nearly 3 years, I must say that Tim's only video "Trading Tickers", is really what taught me how to trade. So, it really doesn't take a lot of teaching, just a lot of practice and spread sheets.

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Pandabear Feb 22, 18 11:20 AM

@anatomic @LeviBlank I agree. If you're not sure what a big drop is use VWAP. As soon as it spiked and drop all the candles were under VWAP which means most people are losing money so will sell any chance they get which means there's more selling pressure.

timothysykes Feb 22, 18 2:07 PM

The big misstep her eis that it's not new news, see what I posted in chat

LeviBlank Feb 22, 18 2:09 PM

@timothysykes Yeah :/. I was in the trade when you posted it and I remembered your video lesson on it when you showed the UPS truck video that had the drone in the top of it. Thought I could ride the hype. Big misplay, but I won't make that mistake again! Thanks for taking the time to reply

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