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anatomic Nov 11, 17 5:52 PM

Sorry for your loss.

Torkers Nov 12, 17 3:47 PM

Sorry for the loss - take your time - get your patience and confidence back and absolutely kill it when you come back! Gl =)

huperauxano Nov 15, 17 6:07 PM

Size down to 1-200 shares to calm your nerves! Then each trade not so emotion-evoking.

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Donzidave Oct 29, 20 1:11 PM

This can’t be right.....

Himbeergeld Dec 13, 20 1:50 PM

OMG!!! Thank you so much for this warning! Amazing...

dballard114 Jan 04, 1:09 PM

They seem to be doing things not kosher. I know they have a lot of leeway with margin accounts but I am getting charged almost 60% interest on my short position, skyrocketed about 5% per day over 30 days, this seems usurious? Also, they keep playing with margin req's; went from 30% to 60%, this morning jumped to 90%??? Then 3 hours later back to 60%. WTH is going on? I smell lawsuit.

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huperauxano Oct 28, 17 12:58 PM

@anatomic thanks - i looked through your trades - I also have found shorting the morning spike to be my most comfortable trade right now. I have been picking a key level above current price as target entry for short and trying to avoid getting in before key level hit. Also using level 2 to judge slowing / possible entries ans exits.

huperauxano Oct 28, 17 1:12 PM

@RockRobster I am trading tight and watching the stocks closer than I used to. Big change for me was taking my watchlist then writing out the 10-20 trades I was interested in and what I expected them to do. Then I rewrite list picking only 5 for the day and 2 scenarios (up and down) for each. Then I watch price action in morning for 5 and only enter one that matches a scenario. Good luck climbing!

RockRobster Oct 29, 17 12:09 AM

Thanks! That's good to know. I need to spend some more time going over my WatchList as well. Good luck to you as well!

anatomic Oct 30, 17 1:56 AM

Yea, I love shorting the frontside of the move as long as the chart is overextended and there is no recent meaningful news. I use several factors to time them, the biggest indicator is an uptrend break.

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Dreed Aug 31, 17 6:24 PM

Make sure that you're aware of the 3 trades per week. Unless you have $25,000. Also, check with your broker to see how many days it takes to clear the funds. With ETrade, they just changed the clearing of your funds from 3 days to 2 days.

anatomic Aug 31, 17 9:51 PM

@Dreed I have 2 margin accounts at Interactive Brokers so 6 trades/wk. and clearing doesn't matter. I've been trading full-time for 6 months now.

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