@kroyrunner what’s up Tim? Quick q. Ive been studying 3 years and 2 mnths, I’m 24, I have an edge, I’m up 20k in a paper acc. so far this year. I have a plan to save 100k by jan 2021. Should I start with 40k at this years end or wait and save the 100k or is that overkill?

kroyrunner Apr 01, 19 11:58 PM

@anatomic i think 100k is overkill, but keep in mind paper trading and real trading are veryyyy different especially emotionally, so i suggest you start EXTREMELY small when real money is on the line! the worst thing i see people do who have this much saved up is start in huge and blow it all extremely fast, a very hard amount to recover. let your early mistakes be tiny papercuts with micro-size, and only after a couple months AT LEAST of experience do you want to use your results to guide your

anatomic Apr 02, 19 7:54 AM

Thanks man. I blew up most of a 1k account when I started and then traded full time for 8 months with 10k. I lost like 200 bucks over 8 months lol I honestly should’ve traded a little bigger but I was in the tracking/refining stages then. I may try and save 50 grand and try again with a 10k acc. I just wanna have enough to cover expenses. Do you think 2 years of expenses is a solid place to try to go full time? I just want do this for a living so bad I can’t stand it hahaha

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