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Torkers Nov 16, 17 4:16 PM

trade with smaller size to get a feel for it - and use same mental stop as with a bigger - you will be more and more confident!

gmjanicek Nov 17, 17 6:23 AM

What I seem to do when I place a trade is I set my bracket for loss or gain I immediately do this just incase the stock drops quickly. I try to judge my loss at maybe 1% or 2%, as for my gain I usually set it at 15%. As the stock goes up I change my loss accordingly. So say I buy into a stock at $10. My bracket would be $9.80 loss / $11.50 for the gain. And if the stock goes up from $10 I move my loss up so once it passes my buy-in any sell is a profit. It seems to be working for me at about 80%

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