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jungem05 Mar 19, 3:51 PM

Don't feel too bad about AMTX. It was so chop and hard to follow. For my first trade of AMTX, I bought a BO but it turned into a dip and I sold at resistance which turned out to be the bottom of the dip. Had I held on to and took more pain due to the choppiness, I wouldve made about 0.4 a share. I also got emotional about my loss and my give away so I bought in at the around 3 thinking it would go higher. Again turned out to be a top (an then a double top) and I lost even more

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Soul Feb 23, 12:52 AM

When I first watched this, I was like "Oh that's pretty cool". I went back and re-watched this 4 times today. Crazy, awesome video. Thanks!

jacksheeley Mar 06, 12:12 PM

Dude, what a video. Gonna have to rewatch this multiple times thanks for putting in the time!

1ZachR Mar 09, 10:53 AM

Thanks again Huddie I have to rewatch this at least once every week

TonyG1 Mar 10, 5:14 PM

Huddie, Great Video Lesson. Someone recommended to me and it was spot on!

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Ana Jan 26, 5:24 AM

@Turbobob As a very beginner, I learned the basics: rumors are scary for playing long and very good for shorts. And you very nicely played long here. What's behind your decision process in this case? Thank you, your videos are priceless!

1Turbobob Jan 26, 6:22 PM

Price action and a hot sector are the two main ideas here. By the way, follow my on Twitter if you like @turbobob129 as I post stuff there as well.

Ana Jan 27, 2:55 AM

Thank! Started following you there as well.

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