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GT500 Jun 04, 2:47 PM

Damn that is some patience to hold through a unrealized P&L. Doesn't your broker have T+2 for borrows?

canudropit2 Jun 05, 5:32 AM

Excellent job Tim that’s the way to do it 2 trades for 30,000 in a month awesome

andrewcom68 Jun 05, 5:51 AM

wow, how could you manage your potential loss when JBCT was at $13 in January? Have you considered that the broker could have asked you to close your position? Thanks!

enmanuel1583 Jun 05, 5:22 PM

Well done Tim... Thank you for sharing it.

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jungem05 Mar 19, 3:51 PM

Don't feel too bad about AMTX. It was so chop and hard to follow. For my first trade of AMTX, I bought a BO but it turned into a dip and I sold at resistance which turned out to be the bottom of the dip. Had I held on to and took more pain due to the choppiness, I wouldve made about 0.4 a share. I also got emotional about my loss and my give away so I bought in at the around 3 thinking it would go higher. Again turned out to be a top (an then a double top) and I lost even more

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