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asfricksrs Sep 06, 19 2:56 PM

Don't be so hard on yourself .. this is how we learn .. as newbies - 4 years and less - we need market immersion, charts till our eyes bleed with selective trades of one niche you decide is your edge. If you are in premarket exit PM with your win. Market open until the 9:45 a.m. EST window is too unpredictable to carry a consistent PM win into the open. You have great skills and can get this .. time with your eyes on the charts and market .. as it changes before us daily. Nice job on the vid

asfricksrs Sep 06, 19 2:57 PM

I enjoyed your analysis - thank you.

redwagonrider Sep 06, 19 3:33 PM

thanks for the positive words . I'm taking this loss, with the rest of the losses I have taken. Just trying to bash it into my head, that If I want to become a consistent trader, then I need to think Like a consistent trader. I need to be okay with taking singles, and letting a stock play out without me. As I did in my video yesterday when I was paper trading. lots to learn. Glad I have the video to look back on.

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