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Jakestocks52 Nov 08, 18 6:46 PM

you only put out great content and i love and respect the hell out of it

Nickneal17 Jul 23, 19 8:27 AM

@Huddie I typed a full page of notes on this video alone. I haven't yet seen the Framework DVD, but you gave a solid idea of it. Thank you for reviewing this and solidifying the knowledge I have been building up.

Buckers Jun 01, 8:06 PM

Totally appreciate your time in putting these videos together and they are so informative, thank you

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@AAdams just became a fully transparent trader today!

augustocks20 Apr 16, 18 8:34 AM

The chat not to many were talking about but I remember 3 we’re having good gains, including myself! Am for far not an expert here and I know that you have more experience but I just wanted to help... is nice also to be in touch! What are your brokers?

Mark9565 Apr 18, 18 9:46 AM

Good luck trading. I think that is the good thing about Tim that he works with actual verified data so you know the true results. Most trader gurus dont document the whole system of trading. While some individual trades do well you never really know if the system is working.

Happycamper Apr 18, 18 12:52 PM

I just opened an ETrade for the penny stocking. I have a few schwab accounts I've been using for the past 3 years. Trying to off-load some of the stocks. too many to watch. That is my biggest problem I think. I really like the concept of jumping in and jumping out. Anxious to learn and get in the game!

augustocks20 Apr 18, 18 8:05 PM

Well, the fact to be in many places, at least with this strategy is not the best, since most of this stocks are very volatile, what means that is pretty hard to focus on many. For example the most successful traders here take no more than 4 at the time... I even have saw 6,,, but in very few times,,, but even they advice to focus even just in 1 or two,,, but of course it depends of every one too. Good luck and see you over here happy camper,,, I like your nickname!

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@thesaint_incanada Thanx. Yes DR-tsx had everything I look for and I found it soon enough for once. LOL.

augustocks20 Aug 11, 17 2:53 PM

Pretty nice record man, clean over all... I can see that you are in the right track. I will continue to see your performance as example to me, thanks for posting and I wish you just success!!!

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