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HebrewHammer Mar 30, 16 10:46 AM

@Chongette32 That's weird. I've never had that issue before. Are you trying to trade using leverage? Maybe it's possible they wont let you trade those using leverage but I haven't come across any issues trading OTC's with Etrade. In fact i've traded several of them over the past few months.

austinstrades Mar 30, 16 10:58 AM

Great call on the multi month resistance, I almost missed it

Pandabear Mar 30, 16 9:41 PM

@HebrewHammer No I wasn't using leverage. I think it means you have use a limit order but good to know I can trade OTC stocks now. Thanks :)

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mcnguyen Mar 15, 16 11:14 PM

same here, Im still holding my ATHX as well , if it can't break $2.38 tomorrow morning , I'll sell my position.

austinstrades Mar 16, 16 9:46 PM

What are your thoughts n NXTD? I think it needs more volume. Any thoughts?

HebrewHammer Mar 16, 16 10:21 PM

@austinstrades @SerDuncanTheSmall Made some money here earlier in the year and haven't really looked back since. Analyst upgrade is most likely the cause for the move and I'm not really a fan of the chart. If it can really break out above $0.80ish then I may take a look.

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