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lettucewrap Aug 16, 17 7:13 PM

From what I personally know, a CIRCUIT BREAKER halt WAS predictable, but this type of halt they enacted on DGLT today was not predictable.

troll Aug 16, 17 7:35 PM

i was in at .32 and took profits at .53 cant believe its at 1.08 now

DipQueen37 Aug 16, 17 9:02 PM

after some quick reading it appears they had been halted before. Study the past? I lost my entire account on RETC. Since then I have been watching and learning all of the pitfalls and worse case scenarios.

troll Aug 16, 17 9:04 PM

they were halted i think 2 times today i trjed entering at .22 but it said it was halted. i kept refreshing hoping to see some kind of change then i did and placed at .32

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