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Noble1222 Jun 24, 18 7:23 AM

damn. my biggest losses were playing triple leveraged natural gas ETF's last heating season. really happy to see you are on the uptrend. i have about 30k to make back and have unrealized 4k now to post. good luck and hope to see you in here over 100k soon.

GSC Jun 24, 18 9:59 AM

just focus on the patterns, don't think about the money or it will effect your trading. I took a 65k hit last november and wiped my whole account out in two days lol

babynoah Jun 24, 18 1:05 PM

agree, actually no longer thinking about the money, just patterns like before, feel like my losses were my evil twin trading, i plan to post everything here when i do. i know i'm better but not there yet. i have a day job again so, swing trading mostly and not taking big risks. i'll be back.

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babynoah Mar 23, 17 2:11 PM

No. If you got a good one.

praxitek Mar 23, 17 3:03 PM

If you buy and sell and buy the same stock w/in a 30 day window, if you loose money the IRS will not allow you to deduct it.

windy76 Mar 23, 17 6:59 PM

Wash sale rule will be applied for 30 day window. You cannot write off your loss. If your are getting net good profit then you are fine.

Fox_Trader Mar 23, 17 8:07 PM

You can swing trade it. Or if your wanting to be more frequently get more accounts more Day trades. Alot of traders buy at the close and sell in the morning panic. It depends what your wanting to do

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bigman Mar 20, 17 1:43 PM

I learned from a young age that having children could put your money in a world of hurt.

Fox_Trader Mar 20, 17 5:09 PM

Make spread sheets for yourself to figure out what exactly your good at. Take some time off regroup and come back stronger.

babynoah Mar 23, 17 2:10 PM

Agree @bigman Children mostly make you lose focus to the point you can't trade or have an at home office. No plans to stay in cube world forever. Yet home office is impossible with the little one. Lol.. Regrouping my mind, funds.

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djdavea Dec 06, 16 11:52 AM

Took at $3000+ hit on this. Got into this before joining profitly, should have learned to cut losses early on this one

babynoah Dec 06, 16 11:56 AM

Not a fan of notes anymore. I took hits as well on them this year.

rlatona Dec 06, 16 1:17 PM

Happy to share. Hope this helped some people. I actually had a large portion of my 401K invested in this and got out this morning....thank god I discovered this before it was too late

Fox_Trader Dec 07, 16 5:30 AM

Etrade has shares to short @ 4 percent. I'm in it see what she does in the next 24ish.

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