Hello all, after initially saying I would not start a subscription service I have decided that it would help new and experienced traders gain an edge in the market at lower prices than these gurus on I currently post live trades on Twitter @FordhamTrader but will stop posting in the near future. Here is the page to sign up (just click on services) and buy the plan that suits you best. .Thank you again and I hope to build plenty of successful students at a discounted rate.

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On the contrary @luke verifying your trades will NOT "compromise your broker", Profitly taps into the reporting side, we NEVER get broker account credentials, that's just a BS excuse to hide your real trades as there's no way you win that much, but it's not surprising when your bosses are all penny stock promoters

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GeorgiaDawgsSEC Aug 26, 14 10:36 PM

@Miz and why do you feel the need to defend Luke after this conversation ended months ago, even more so than Luke himself? I suspect you are Luke, and have been planning these ambush posts for months lol

LexLevi Oct 05, 14 10:53 AM

jp morgan just got hacked

igorpaliy Apr 02, 15 8:52 PM

just passing through..

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