toyshika Apr 29, 16 11:54 AM

That depends on so many factors. Location, where you are, and your laptop and the built in wireless card you have. What you want to avoid are places where the connection lags. I would test a few locations out before committing.

woods91 Apr 29, 16 12:28 PM

verizon hotspot on my smartphone is great, allows me to use my laptop almost anywhere

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Just posted about how one of my worst weaknesses became a strength and a strategy that helped me to end up with $11K+ this week.

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armin Mar 19, 16 2:44 PM

Hi, I starterd Feb 2015 aswell but obviously I need more studying and a lot more trades before I'm in the same mindset and profit as yourself! Which dvd helped you most @AirplaneJane? Also, do you post on you blog you daily mindset and what you look for prior to market open?? Thank you for your time!

AirplaneJane Mar 19, 16 8:35 PM

@armin I was A challenge student so I received majority of Tim's DVDS. I really think How To Make Millions encompasses the most for you money. I really trade the charts as they present themselves. I do post gappers in morning both up and down on twitter. I try not to predict the market and let it happen and capitalize on the price action. I find trading is about being in the moment not wanting the moment to happen

armin Mar 19, 16 10:54 PM

@AirplaneJane thank you for the reply. I often find myself looking at the wrong stock to play, before i know it the one i should have played has formed and passed; but i guess thats where more training is needed so you can see the patterns more clear. HTMM is my next dvd to watch! Also, i need to learn to not try and imagine a pattern ahed of time. it can definitely be difficult when all you wanna do is succeed. patience is a virtue. Thanks again, and happy trading!!

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bdavid Mar 07, 16 5:51 PM

suretrader is not that good, just get another broker.

anatomic Mar 07, 16 7:49 PM

I'm trying them out. Hopefully it'll be alright for buildin up my account.

BugsMoney Mar 08, 16 11:43 AM

I got scared off by SureTrader's website with all the stuff about not serving US citizens, and also didn't necessarily want to deal with having funds in accounts outside of the US. Also, not everybody has the luxury of opening multiple accounts. I think it's good to have some time to reflect on what has worked and what has not, so the PDT rule does not bother me that much. My hope is that any posts I make can help others.

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maroon8 Feb 25, 16 4:22 PM

How did you setup the strategy scanners? Can you give some details?

JoeRuark Feb 25, 16 8:47 PM

@Pimpjuice video for?

JoeRuark Feb 25, 16 8:48 PM

@maroon8 I''ll detail my layout tonight, for ya, nothing to complicated.

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bdavid Feb 24, 16 4:28 PM

tims is Kroyrunner

JLLOYD30 Feb 24, 16 4:40 PM

He views this market just like it is. Nothing really there to trade 2-3 stocks at best and even those you are going to have to work hard to get some gains. I think I will be doing more swing trading on earnings winners until this market gets better. Probably until June when OPEC meets

Zeke Feb 24, 16 4:53 PM

Agreed! Turtle week.

EdPetrol Feb 24, 16 8:32 PM

Very nice of you to share these Tim! I really appreciate you doing this

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