YawnAlot Sep 16, 16 12:06 PM

Yes u can make it back man, im not gonna say it will be easy but hey, if Tim G started off with 1.5k then hey, its just going to take patience and consistency. 10 good trades at %10 percent each is %100. Doing that over and over and ur in the game. Good luck. dont listen to @Legendario he always has negative stuff to say, but soon as u do good he will be all kind trying to get tips

babynoah Sep 20, 16 7:23 PM

@yawnabit thanks man for the positive comments, i will be back. working from home on my engineering stuff i'll be funneling money in a small account. risk on with a baby was my goof. lucky i have other things to pull from $ wise to come back. i want to be back on the right path. UP

babynoah Nov 07, 16 2:39 PM

@prometheo33 my definition of a good path is winning consistency and having backups when you stumble. I did pile on risk too much but lucky didn't break my backup rule of diversification. Crazy to take the hit and still be okay. I could go back in with 100k but may as well go to Vegas with that attitude :/

babynoah Nov 07, 16 2:40 PM

a market will always slap you down to reality when you get cocky :(

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