timothysykes Mar 23, 17 10:05 AM

@bigman yup I don't allow BS, smack yourself in the head 52 times, maybe it'll make you smarter

SanketJ Mar 23, 17 12:00 PM

@timothysykes Tim. Haters will hate. Big man here isn't such a big man because you are the one with multiple millionaire students.. multiple schools.. you are a multi millionaire yourself.. does "BIG MAN" need any more proof as to why STT is so good?... I think you should start taking off idiots from here Tim.

praxitek Mar 23, 17 1:10 PM

Hi Tim, I do understand the premise. My question was purely for edification, as I am still having BASIC gaps in my stocks educations, proof of it is not understanding the variables that play a roll in scanning for stocks.

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@timothysykes nke lost 7.27% should we short hoping the trend will continue or buy because RSI is at underbought showing a strong buy. please advise

dawoud Mar 23, 17 1:53 PM

amazing job man well done

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@Turbobob Bob, I understand your trading style involves using 5m charting. What are the benefits of using a 5m when compared to a 1m? I personally don't understand using 5m because knowing the minuscule differences in price change are important, especially at open. Thanks for the reply (if there is one)

Turbobob Mar 22, 17 11:52 PM

If a stock is volatile I will use the one minute chart in the context of the five minute chart. I get too many false signals relying solely on the 1 minute chart. But each trader has there own preference and they should use what works for them.

Turbobob Mar 22, 17 11:54 PM

I also rely heavilybon the level 2 so I am seeing the instantaneous changes even more so than the one minute chart.

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