timothysykes Mar 23, 17 10:05 AM

@bigman yup I don't allow BS, smack yourself in the head 52 times, maybe it'll make you smarter

SanketJ Mar 23, 17 12:00 PM

@timothysykes Tim. Haters will hate. Big man here isn't such a big man because you are the one with multiple millionaire students.. multiple schools.. you are a multi millionaire yourself.. does "BIG MAN" need any more proof as to why STT is so good?... I think you should start taking off idiots from here Tim.

praxitek Mar 23, 17 1:10 PM

Hi Tim, I do understand the premise. My question was purely for edification, as I am still having BASIC gaps in my stocks educations, proof of it is not understanding the variables that play a roll in scanning for stocks.

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