@timothysykes hi tim lets see the numbers. u said u have had 15000 students and they have $17 million $s in profits. math tells me each student averaged $1133 profit and paid you about $1200 yearly plus dvd's etc. etc. here is another thing that $1133 maybe over several years.. that sounds like big profits for you and huge losses for simple- minded students who need to master grade 4 math. all the best son BillH

timothysykes Jan 01, 15 3:40 PM

Nowhere have I ever said 15,000 students, less than 500 even open emails on continue to lie, it's just sad at this point

missoula5454 Jan 02, 15 9:41 AM

BillH why the hell are you even bothering Tim just shut the fuck up and move on with your life dude. Your a nobody!

WizeFool Jan 02, 15 2:16 PM

Bill you are wasting time that you could be learning how to make yourself some money. You seem to be a bitter person for some reason, but it's best if you just let it go and work towards something positive. So what Tim makes millions from teaching as well... He could have decided to keep to himself and not take the chance of ruining his edge by sharing it with everyone but he didn't. If you actually wish the best for Tim (which is obvious you don't) move on

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