relax andy. cool down.. why is your profit line flat for a month? if tema was anygood you would be offered millions by any huge bank. who do you think you are kidding MR MADUFF?@AndyL

AndyL Jan 10, 15 6:25 PM

@BillH What are you trying to accomplish by taking so much time to try and prove something that you honestly have no idea about? Please do me a favor, unfollow me on and do not post to me again, I do not care to have any communication with you whatsoever. If you'd read any previous posts, I stopped uploading fx trades because I was tired of manually putting in all the data... too much time and honestly it's not worth my time to do it. Even though I show screenshots of those trades in m

AndyL Jan 10, 15 6:28 PM account history tab since I can't verify on here. Like I said, please unfollow me on here and to not post to me again. I am tired of the bickering for whatever reason... not sure what I ever did to you since I don't even know you...? And you're carrying on like this towards someone you don't even know. I see that I'll have to be the gentleman here. Hope you find your success in trading in whatever you pursue.

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