Good afternoon Tim, I am making a poster to tape above my computer as I know during trades or just in general sometimes you forget rules. So I made a list here of all the ones I could remember from you and could you please let me know if I'm missing any 1.cut losses quickly 2.stick to your plan 3.track all trades 4.study hard and never stop 5. Be extremely cautious of midday trades/ don't trade them at all 6. Don't trade random patterns 7. Don't force trades 8. Stay motivated it will all be worth it in the end 9. It's a marathon not a sprint 10. Learn to become self sufficient 11. Ignore the negative people 12. Don't believe or fall in love with the penny stock scams 13. Never give up 14. Use mental stops 15. If you trade scared trading isn't so scary 16. Trade like a sniper 17.only come out of retirement if you feel you'd miss out If you have any more or ones that I missed I'd greatly appreciate if you mentioned them so I can add to my poster. Thank you in advance and have a good weekend

brandonkoy Apr 19, 12:31 PM

great. i'll add trade small in the beginning, keep doing what works stop what doesnt work, slowly size up on your best setup when the opportunity is there

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From Australia / New Zealand. On Feb 06 2022 I placed my first my first trade. Fast forward 1 year & we are in our 86th trade. Before I even placed my first trade i signed up for “Tim Sykes Trading Challenge” the week before. I immediately started doing some trades in hopes of finding some fast money. I quickly learned that this isn't a a quick and easy way to pocket some extra cash. The Sykes challenge was extremely hard for me but I got through the whole thing in 8 intense months. It's more like a university degree in share trading penny stocks covering EVERYTHING. Listening to hours of podcasts journaling Information. I keep a trade journal the old fashioned way; paper and pen. If there was an exam for it i reckon I would just get over 60% may be so a C plus. Its been most excellent to be part of the challenge & the challenge team for the last year. The value to me has been immense. I would not be where I am now. I started out with long biased trades & some options trading Mark Croock style most of the year until November & my results were mostly sideways up & a little ways then down. Since November 2022 till now its hit a upward curve & amazingly bought me up to breakeven point which in itself is amazing. The initial investment $7.5k plus $275 / month stockstotrade platform plus incidental costs. Whats worked for me since November is long biased trades, not be greedy take 10 to 15% profit & when I feel the tickers turning to drop like a rock I over ride my stop loss & get out with a profit even if its $10. Basically have no losses at all. Currently 19 trade wins in a row & we trying to keep that rolling. Lately in the last week or more thers been GNS, HBLZ, FOXO & TRKA Get serious about your education, learn everything you can from every source, check out what your mentors are doing & particularly whats on their watchlist. Tim Sykes, Bryce Touhey, Matt Monaco, Kyle Williams, Mark Croock, Roland Wolf etc. Keep on Rocking you can do it

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