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brandonw90523 Feb 09, 17 12:04 PM

@Deep ehhh...ya know....basic chart pattern knowledge is 100% essential. check out Bulkowski's stuff on ..I do have what i'll call my "secret ingredient" and THAT i am not willing to share yet. Maybe one day if i stay consistently sucesful for a few years and start teaching others to trade i'll reveal my secret ingredient.

brandonw90523 Feb 09, 17 12:14 PM

@Kristopherspike I was in the USN for 6 years, I got out of the military specifically to become a full time day trader. I'm going to school for network security just in case stocks don't work out. I have a really solid backup plan. but my approach to stocks for the last 6 or 7 months have been to take it as seriously as i possibly could. I see day trading as a potential cure to all of my financial needs. i wouldn't call it discipline though, i would call it devotion. I also had been researchi

brandonw90523 Feb 09, 17 12:20 PM

I also had been researching stocks for the last 2 years that i was in the Navy.

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