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Fox_Trader Apr 16, 16 4:50 AM

Good point very true Dragon.

Rollingball Apr 20, 16 11:44 PM

I know I'm late to this conversation, but one thing that might help is putting in your limit sell order shortly after buying. This may need to be edited if it does not hit your sell point, but it may go past your limit and make you more than you expected in the first place.

Dragonrider May 05, 16 1:40 PM

I some times use a limit order after buying but only if the stock has gone against me and I'm looking for a quick exit should it go my way. Otherwise, I watch the trade like a hawk and have a limited order and a market order ready to go. Then I choose which one I need at the moment I want to COVER. Hope this helps.

nestech09 May 12, 16 7:01 PM

I have to start doing that...

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