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FancyNancy Apr 12, 16 11:53 PM

thanks for sharing your trades. It has helped me alot!

cajunkiwi Apr 13, 16 5:07 AM

As a new trading student, this advice is gold, thanks Jane.

Urat0wel Apr 13, 16 7:42 AM

Thanks for being fully transparent. So much "Twitter success" (what I refer to it as) can breed discouragement when you personally feel the sting of losses while not having peers to relate to. Wins help with motivation, but losses help with encouragement in the inevitable hard times. I'm clawing my way towards consistency with small size right now. Can be hard at times. Not that I ever wish losses on anyone, but to pretend they don't happen would be naive. Thank you. I wish you the best moving f

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terps88 Apr 09, 16 8:37 PM

@kroyrunner I hope you don't think I was trying to be mean with my posts, I'm the only one who gave you any feedback on your trades; If I was down 50% on a stock no one would care, I hope to be just as successful as you one day where someone would care to call me out for a huge mistake if I wasn't thinking clearly

stocksandstuff1 Apr 15, 16 3:42 PM

Hey Tim, when you traded st Starbucks did you use a VPN? I thought about trading at local cafe sometimes just for a change of scenery, but I'm concerned about the security issue. Thanks.

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Amazing day on PTLA made $3500 by 955 on my day off from the market. LOL great day off can't complain.

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Sparky23 Mar 30, 16 7:48 PM

Do you text or tweet your trades?

OmArLiVeS Mar 31, 16 2:13 PM

where did u get in and out on this stock? I didnt see it go up by much on the 30th.

JohnEDoe Mar 31, 16 2:50 PM

She was in on 3/29/16 and closed the position on 3/30/16....... Look at her trade records.

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leotrade Mar 28, 16 10:50 PM

Thanks for letting us know....

zenzeyn Mar 29, 16 1:36 PM

Oh, OK. I am new, trying to see near or far future through all the information, videos, dvds, thank you for the reply, and the watch updates:)

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I'm going to try to write blogs on Tuesdays and Fridays and take Wednesdays off. One weekday to get errands done and have a mommy day to myself.

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brechtdw Mar 28, 16 9:28 PM

Plan, Do, Check, Act =)

tomfinn92 Mar 29, 16 4:10 AM

Time for yourself and your family is extremely important. It's about balance. Good on you and will look forward to the Tue and Fri blog posts. Congrats on the 65% wins and keep it going up!

cajunkiwi Mar 29, 16 6:44 AM

Awesome, I always look forward to reading your blog posts Jane. Appreciate you taking the time to educate those of us just starting out :)

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[TimChallenge] CARA breakout over $6 on low volume. Maybe a good short setup for this afternoon. Will see how the pattern plays out. No hurry.

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