@Makalu Hey I am a 15 year old looking to get involved what tips do you have on getting started. I have $1600 dollars to start with and I havent done ANYTHING. But I know you know what youre doing and I was wondering if I could get the step by step on what you did first. Thanks!

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Zenyatta Jan 05, 15 9:36 PM

Hey, I still don't really know what I'm doing---I guess that is tip #1, always try to learn. 2. I got really lucky my first year and had most of $ in ETFS like BIPIX that went up a lot. In your position, I'd suggest learning to paper trade and find out what you are good at. Trade small when you start it's easier to lose money than win it--!

Zenyatta Jan 05, 15 9:45 PM

I paper trade a lot, even still especially in times of day that are a struggle to make profit. Try to find good repeatable trades.

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