VRAY At 9:51 it topped at 12.27 which was the begining of the second consolidation area. So I was using that as my technical breakout because at 10:05-10:06 it topped at 12.25 making me think there was going to be resistance there. So I decided to use 12.27 as my breakout point to get in as im trying to work on better entries since i usually dont pull the trigger until its too late catching near the top. at 10:09 it broke 12.27 so i bought and sold at 10:10 at 12.50 because the momentum shifted and I thought i was hitting the top based on lvl2. It ended up going much higher that day but i was then out of day trades to get back in. I wanted to get back in when it dropped to 12.14. Which would have been nice because it really ran after that. Sorry i tried 5 times to reply on my trade but it would post this in respons to your question. I'm only using a $500 account to start because I don't want to lose a lot of money while i'm in the learning process. It was also new highs at 12.27 so i wasn't sure how to judge the top so i just went based off level to price action. It was prob a bad idea to even trade huh, even though it was positive? If you have any recommendations I'm always willing to hear them about my trades. Congrats on your success you have a nice profit chart there.

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