@RolandWolf Been hitting studying after watching some of your videos, avg about 6 hrs/day now. Serious question, How do you handle the strain on your eyes? I've tried turning down the brightness but it still feels like everything is too white/bright

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dogson Nov 18, 17 10:46 AM

Ollie get a program called Flux. It changes your screen to orange/sepia at sunset, it's designed to protect your circadian rhtyhms by removing the blue light that's really harsh on your eyes. The transitions are designed to be slow and subtle so you barely notice. But it will help your eyes a lot. justgetflux.com

OllieG Nov 24, 17 3:48 PM

@RolandWolf are you already prescribed glasses or is this just for blue light?

YashN Jan 01, 18 9:04 PM

f.lux sure is extremely helpful in these cases.

ByronG Feb 11, 18 10:39 PM

@dogson I tried this and results were amazing. thanks for the sugestion!

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