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ThePennySqueeze Feb 24, 3:22 PM

Hey Huddle, great lesson really appreciate the knowledge you're doling out. I did want to mention something though: the sec filings show that it was 20M dollars worth to be sold, and not 20M shares. I don't think this makes too much of a difference this time as the stock was trading around the mid $1 area, but for a different stock trading at a much higher/lower price, whether a 20M dollar ATM is out vs 20M share ATM is out could influence the thesis. Any thoughts on that?

thoe99 Feb 26, 7:52 PM

Thanks Huddie, I closed out a 15% winner in this today, based on your video!

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papajohn Feb 19, 8:01 PM

@JKelly lol. Yeah I considered CP but I think I will wait until I am shorting more before I try them out. It looks like they have a lot of fees for just about everything and since I mainly go long, IB should offer me everything I need.

copperhead Feb 20, 11:36 PM

Congrats - very inspiring to see your success!

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copperhead Feb 01, 9:02 PM

Thanks, Bob - I've seen you in the challenge room. I'll take a look at ZFGN - it's in my price range!

D0nt5uck Feb 01, 10:11 PM

Bob, Thanks for the watchlists! I watch for them every night.

MisterWhite Feb 02, 8:04 AM

Thank you...I'm new and watching you trade has been very helpful...yesterday you shorted LTBR, if you have a chance, could you tell me what motivated you to do that?

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@Huddie Can you send your interview link, please? I am 'challenged' by the amount of time it's taking me to grasp this and it sounded inspirational in the chat room today. I realize I'm a newbie, but it's a steeper learning curve than I expected, so I want to re-set my perspective - thanks!

copperhead Jan 30, 7:49 AM

Thanks! BTW, we appreciate your willingness to help. It's a big deal to folks like me that are, frankly, dizzy from all the information!

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