@crawfish_poboy whats.up I'm from the south too just looking for advice on where to start. Education etc.? lots of crap out there just woundering how you started any info would be help thanks. can email info

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@crawfish_poboy Hey man, whatsup! I am Marram I am a new trader and wish to trade pennystocks. I am contacting you because I noticed that you use SureTrader as your broker I wish to start trading soon and I was thinking about Suretrader since they have low commision. I just want to hear from someone who uses Suretrader. How is your experience with them so far? I am bit paranoid because I was scammed before by a binary options broker and don't want to be scammed again. So please share your experience I will really appreciate it. :)

RoadToVegas Oct 01, 15 6:05 PM

So far my experience with suretrader has not been good. I have been trying to set up my account so that it works properly for over 5 weeks now. When my wire finally hit my account (after several emails back and forth), I see that the balance constantly changes and apparently it is being eaten up by fees....fees that I am unable to view becasue my logins don't work properly....still waiting for answers from them...still frustrated as I want to trade properly... Goodluck with them

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@crawfish_poboy welcomes you to their trader wall!

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nicoalvi Feb 21, 14 8:00 PM

Hey I would love to email you about an opportunity, where can I PM you? Twitter?

stockchoices Feb 25, 14 1:32 PM

Hey :) i just watched ur super cool interview i wanna be like u! what book should i read?!

DerrickJL Feb 25, 14 1:34 PM

Hello Mr. Poboy. I was wondering if you'd teach this noob a thing or two about trading & maybe a little more ;)

tbotkin1 Apr 02, 14 6:44 AM

Where can I find your interview? Congrats on your success! Love seeing stories like this. Gets me so pumped to get started!

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@stockchoices welcomes you to their trader wall!

guspenskiy13 Mar 26, 14 12:08 PM

Hey Chris, I commented on your blog before, just wanted to ask you a couple of questions, if you have the time. Thank!

stockchoices Apr 04, 14 1:04 AM

@guspenskiy13 hey sorry man just saw this now if u follow me on twitter tweet me so i can send a messege back probably easiest on there

Blingblam Apr 06, 14 6:16 PM

@crawfish_poboy yo, new to trading but wanted to see if we could meet up for lunch or something at sammy's in central... could love to pick your brain as a beginner... have a good one :)

mitreacristi Apr 27, 14 11:59 AM

Hei, man! 50k YTD. amazing! I see you trade mostly OTC's. What do you look for in these? Just using technical analysis? Thanks!

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