Received 3 Karmas
cwood Jun 18, 12:05 AM

@Tone My first thought is to use the pre-market range as a guide, but I'd have to research. This did make me curious though so I tested the long side in Trade-Ideas. Here's a link to the alert page, which includes the filter params I used - 62% win rate & 21% return over 60 days (164 trades) if you buy in the first 5 mins and hold for half an hour. 10% profit target / 2.5% hard stop

Tone Jun 18, 11:50 AM

Thanks for the reply. Interesting stats, though I didn't really know what to do with the link. Not familiar with trade ideas. Do I go to that link and then leave it to produce results over time? Thanks.

cwood Jun 18, 11:55 AM

@Tone yea, that's a live alert window although it'll be delayed if you don't have an account. you can hover over the icons to see the filter values I used in the backtest.

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