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Nlstephens9 Nov 12, 15 4:56 PM

After the 60 days you need to pay for it?

Fox_Technicals Nov 13, 15 11:33 AM

No you just sign up for an account and after 60 days you won't be able to login

kardjaki Nov 16, 15 1:59 AM

Yes but paper trading account has delayed information. Only the charts are not delayed. Thank you for the information :)

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Palmer Oct 14, 15 10:50 AM

Good...simply missing out on too many short opps..

0010ALogistic Oct 20, 15 10:24 AM

IKE how are you? i dont see you at the chatroom no more , i was banned today, i was missing out your alerts call. did you get banned by the chance.

Ike Oct 20, 15 5:19 PM

@010AWiseMan I miss you too buddy! I got involved in a little project recently that I couldn't turn down. I hope to return to trading relatively soon

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Raidon Sep 10, 15 12:05 AM

@dandan80 Haha Yeah luckly enough, since it made my overall short go down to $14.85 a share i suddenly was $0.33 under resistance which it bounced to a few times before. But it just kept dropping :)

Learnthings Sep 13, 15 1:45 AM

Awesome man. Just got the first pennystock DVD. Looking forward to part deux and hopefully having some similar experiences :D

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AaronHebert Jul 21, 15 9:27 AM

If you want in a stock bad enough to use a market order then you best rethink your trading. LIMIT ONLY. ALWAYS SPECIFY WHAT YOU WANT TO PAY NOT WHAT OTHERS WANT YOU TO PAY

todddunnigan Jul 21, 15 12:42 PM

Thanks Kasey21, that's the information I was looking for.

GKOPENA Jul 24, 15 5:40 PM

Market orders just go through so many hands by the time it finds a seller that you are skinned alive by all the parties involved in the discount online retail broker world. If you want something badly, hit the ask with your limit, if you can't get executed that is not the best sign anyways. Good post though on your thought process!

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