Tunde1306 Feb 13, 9:48 PM

Yikes. What happened if you don't mind me asking? Did you try to play BABA earnings or did TSLA get you, or something else?

darrellwayne13 Feb 14, 8:11 PM

The thing about it is, I need to stop using options. Bought a $TSLA.put and had absolutely no hedge whatsoever. I should've bought a call as well to hedge but I didn't. Obviously I could've cut my loss, but I just sat and watched my p/l vanish all day.

Tunde1306 Feb 16, 9:00 PM

Same here. I got caught up in the Tesla fiasco myself lol. I'm going back to penny stocks. Tired of the years worth of blowups due to options. I'll still trade options when the setup presents itself but I'm not gonna force plays anymore.

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