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Jasrai May 30, 18 1:34 AM

how big was your first account size ?

papajohn May 30, 18 6:30 PM

@Jasrai I started with about $12.5k, and added another $11k after I lost about half that initial amount.

richesndreams Aug 04, 18 8:40 AM

Thank you for this post. I have locked myself into a money-losing pattern. Hard to break stupid, bad habits. This post encourages me to stay focused on what DOES work. Thank you again.

NFlash Aug 20, 18 4:39 PM

GREAT article!! It sincerely was just the inspiration that I needed! Sorry to ask but if you don't mind, would you mind sharing a template of your excel file? Thank you! NFlash,

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Angel_ Apr 16, 18 3:59 PM

@papajohn Thank you for your honest and humble analysis of your situation. Glad to be on this journey with people like you.

KenKwan Apr 19, 18 5:39 PM

Kudos to you. I probably would have quit seeing such a drawdown. Thanks for sharing your fighting mentality!

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drndvn34 Feb 21, 18 2:17 AM

Hello Bob, I just wanted to point out that ROKU reports earnings after the bell tonight. Since it is on the watchlist if someone trades it today they might not want to hold it O/N

Turbobob Feb 21, 18 7:39 AM

Thanks for the heads up.

Turbobob Feb 21, 18 7:41 AM

Not one I follow and a little under the price I trade. But lots of people in the room trade those

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Sold SNAP P/M 600 Shares @ $20.93 for $268 profit. Going small goal here of only .50ç as I get my feet wet. Want to learn to hit goals with proper/safe entries and exits and then I will start going for 10% to 30% gains

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Long SNAP P/M @ $20.483 600 Shares on triple catalyst of Earnings winner, WSJ article that they will stream Olympic 2018 events and Jim Cramer who has a huge following making very bullish comments

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PocketPAT May 11, 19 1:23 AM

Thanks Roland!!! LESSON: Even though after-hours and premarket trading is sketchy due to illiquidity, it can sometimes present ideal opportunities for good profits.

Windwalzer May 23, 9:44 PM

Thank you for the video. I am studying hard, I like the dip buys they make the most sense to me right now in my education. Do you have suggestions when researching the night before what to hone in on on the daily chart for possible panic dip buys and spike dip buys. I feel that's what I am lacking. Thank you for your time and support.

Buckers Jun 05, 8:19 PM

Awesome thanks Roland

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Windwalzer May 23, 10:18 PM

Thank you, seeing the 5 min chart and 1 min chart side by side was good to clarify what you were explaining. I will use that information with the rest from this video.

Buckers Jun 05, 8:05 PM

Really inspirational, thanks Roland

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@RolandWolf Thank you for sharing your NETE trade live today in the chat room. I crossed it off my list because of no news but after seeing the chart action real time after you said you were in allowed me to review the trade real time and see why I should have been following it because of the price action. Glad your becoming a master trader. Your willingness to share your trades in chat is very helpful for those of us who are slower to 'get it' from the studies we've done.

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PocketPAT May 11, 19 12:27 AM

Thanks Roland!!! Bookmarked! LESSON: Even tickers that are about to go bankrupt or even that have already gone bankrupt can still provide price-action to bank on temporarily.

shoeusn Aug 10, 19 4:04 PM

Thanks for the video!

rubenfavela May 24, 7:46 PM

Great lesson, good to know how to buy near support and observe the uptrend to prepare the exit. Awesome lesson

Buckers Jun 05, 7:42 AM

Such good information, I will be re watching all your lessons, thanks Roland

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And if you believe the rumors is not really Asian, he's a "hired american actor which faked his accent" LOLOLOL I'm literally laughing outloud, Steven Dux really is Asian and no he's not an actor, I've NEVER hired any actor for testimonials unlikes some newsletters out there :)

drndvn34 May 22, 17 5:14 PM

Tim you are too busy to waste your time and energy even commenting on such nonsense, just laugh all the way to the bank

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